Building a Hospital in Nepal: Envisioning a Hospital

Dr. Clara MacNamee Sponsors a Hospital in Nepal” tells of her medical, clinical, and educational backgrounds and adventurous experiences. She visited Nepal and had a vision to build a hospital.

Building a Hospital in Nepal: A Small Clinic Becomes a Full Hospital

Dr. Clara MacNamee tells of her philanthropic efforts to grow a small clinic into a full service hospital with a residential facility for the doctors, a pharmacy, a dental clinic, and a kitchen. She was able to work with MedShare, a local non-profit, which collects excess American hospital supplies and sends them directly to the hospital. From India, working with Tatta Motors, Dr. MacNamee was able to obtain a 4-wheel drive ambulance to take critical patients on the six-hour drive from their remote village to Kathmandu to receive advanced medical care.

Building a Hospital in Nepal: The Future of the Hospital

Dr. Clara MacNamee shares the plan to develop a Nurses' Training program. The students participate in an internship for a year, then return to their local villages to provide basic health care. After a five year commitment serving medical needs for the local community, the nurses are able to obtain well paying jobs in the city of Kathmandu, Nepal.