Auto Body Shop Insurance Fraud
Medical Provider Insurance Fraud

Consumer Beware: Auto Body Shop Insurance Fraud

Deputy District Attorney Nicole Pantaleo of Marin County and Captain Eric Williams, California Department of Insurance Fraud Division from the Golden Gate Regional Office in Benicia, discuss the reality of fraudulent insurance claims, and their impact in the community. Auto body shops are licensed by the California Bureau of Automotive Repair. Most auto body shops perform excellent services in our community. However, people need to be aware that, in certain instances, they have to be alert to potential scams if their car is involved in a collision. Efforts to inflate claims to collect more money, add on damage to a vehicle, or participate in false vandalism, among other things, all constitute fraudulent activity. Consumers need to confirm that an auto body shop is licensed, they need to view a written estimate and view the final bill to make sure it is close to the original estimate in order to protect themselves. Consumers need to report suspicious activity to the District Attorney's office or to the California Department of Insurance Fraud.

Consumer Beware: Medical Provider Insurance Fraud

Workers' compensation fraud is a $30 billion business in the United States. In California, it is estimated that workers' compensation fraud costs the state between $1 billion and $3 billion annually. Marin County Deputy District Attorney Nicole Pantaleo and CA Department of Insurance Captain Eric Williams create a context for the general public to understand the scope of medical insurance fraud, what it looks like, how people are lured into believing they are getting appropriate medical care, when, in fact, they are involved in a scam. Dangers include that targeted people do not get the care they need, or they get care that may harm them. Anyone seeking medical care need to make sure that they actually see their medical doctors, and they need to check their bill to confirm that services listed were ones they actually received. While typically people do receive care from licensed, reputable providers, everyone needs to exercise caution to avoid becoming involved in medical insurance fraud, and to take action by contacting fraud prevention services.