Caregivers Helping Seniors

A Sounding Board conversation with Norma Gaona, a licensed caregiver for seniors in their own homes.

Homeward Bound: From Convents to Residences

Correy Kanzenburg talks about innovative projects turning existing buildings in Marin County to homes as part of the process of transitioning people out of homelessness. The Dominican Sisters of San Rafael approached Homeward Bound with an interest in repurposing an existing convent into homes, particularly for seniors. The project began with Dominican sisters actively participating in refurbishing the convent to community housing. St. Patrick's Church in Larkspur is involved in another project to repurpose a building into apartments. It is estimated that 1300 people in Marin County experience homelessness. Homeward Bound is involved in projects throughout the county to convert blighted or empty buildings into affordable residents.

Marin Villages

A Sounding Board conversation about Marin Villages, an organization of neighbors helping neighbors, volunteers assisting senior citizens in their homes.

A Scientist Reveals Mysteries of Alzheimer's

A SoundingBoard conversation with Patricia Spilman, M.S., Scientist at the Buck Institute For Research On Aging.

Image For Success

A Sounding Board interview with Barbara Lee about the founding and mission of Bloom,,. Originally it was named Image for Success, a nonprofit support service providing complimentary wardrobes for people in transition - "Self esteem begins with self image." Bloom is located at 1557 4th Street San Rafael, CA

Creating a Legal Junior Rental Unit

A Sounding Board interview with Robert M. Brown, Director, Community Development, City of Novato, and with Rachel F. Ginis, Executive Director of Lilypad Homes. With new zoning laws, Novato, CA is pioneering the legal rental of empty rooms in a home.

Adult Day Health Care

A Sounding Board interview with Holly Rylance, Activity Director at Life Long, Marin Adult Day Health Care. Holly interviews Maria Martinez and Patrick Crossan whose parents benefit from participation in Marin Adult Day Health Care.